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Greg has been playing the piano since the age of 8 and has been heavily involved in church music since that time. However, his journey as a professional musician has been unorthodox. After college, Greg actually started his professional career as a software engineer and then later started two internet retail companies. It was not until he was 30 that doors started opening for him to take a more active role in professional music. He currently travels on a limited basis, writes and produces music, and helps other church pianists through his blog, educational courses, and other resources.

2003 - Recorded Timeless Reflections, a piano-only project in his living room.
2006 - Recorded Reflections on a Journey, a piano/orchestra project with Steve Mauldin/Nashville String Machine.
2008 - Recorded Inspirational Improvisation, a six hour DVD course for church pianists
2009 - Recorded Portraits of Hope, a piano/orchestra project with Steve Mauldin/Nashville String Machine.
2010 - Recorded 11 DVD courses (25 hours of instruction) for church pianists
2010 - Recorded Quiet Place, a piano-only project.
2010 - Recorded Seasonal Spice, a Christmas project featuring Greg with other solo musicians.
2010 - Recorded Live in Charleston, a live concert video recording featuring Greg with special musical guests.
2012 - Recorded Looking Up, a live concert CD/DVD featuring Greg with an orchestra, band and choir at Gwinnett Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

Public Work
Greg does a limited number of concerts each year as well as church pianist workshops. You can see his schedule here. Live in Charleston and Looking Up are currently airing nationally and even world-wide across many networks. Check local listings for times.

With extensive studio experience under his belt, Greg is an active producer as well.

Greg lives in Monroe, Georgia with his wife Marla and four children (David, Kelsey, Katelyn, and Zachary). They are all involved in music and often play in his concerts. Kelsey plays violin on a few songs on Live in Charleston.

In addition to his music career, Greg was the CEO/Founder of Vitabase, a nutritional supplement company that he sold in 2013.

The Howlett family is active at Grace Baptist Church in Dacula, Georgia.

Music Philosophy
Church music is a powerful tool to help people in their walk with God and our music should be glorifying to God, passionate, and skillfully done. The picture of music in the Psalms is a good roadmap to follow. Greg writes about music often on his blog.

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